Aydeniz ARPACİ

Having born in 1975 in Krefeld, Germany . and completed high school education at Giresun Commercial High School. After that joined to 19 May University Nursing High and continued her life in Samsun . After completing the nursing education in high school, earned a new position in Nursing Department of Atatürk University and graduated from Ataturk University successfully.

Besaid my mother language i can have good level of english.

With high experience started in 1996 with Dokuz Eylül University Intensive Care Service Nursing duty. the continue her assignment for 8 years. Then worked in Dokuz Eylül University in 2004 for 2 years and then for Estetistanbul Hair transplantation, Aesthetic Center and Estheticianity in İzmir Branch and had been a G.Directorate for 4 years . Within this 4 year period I have acquired the esthetician and beauty expert certificate and hair transplantation specialist certificates .later In 2011, started to live in the Presidency of the Health Department of the Golden Horn University and continued to work there until 2014. In 2014 with establishing Prime Hair Transplant Clinic center where she is the founder of it and worked as a general manager at Prime Hair Transplant Clinic Center.