Eyebrow, Beard And Moustache Transplant

As well as hair loss in men and women, the losses at the eyebrow, beard and moustache areas present a problem. The can eliminate the lacking areas, which are either as a result of trauma or congenital, with hair transplantation. We transplant hair follicles taken from special areas of the haired skin to appropriate eyebrow, beard and moustache areas. The procedures require attention. If inappropriate follicles are transplanted, then the result will be a look that is unnatural and unaesthetic. We transplant the follicles, which we collect one by one via a technique we developed, to the established areas after putting the follicles through a process under microscope. The transplanted follicles start growing after 2-3 months and reach the desired level within a year. As the transplanted follicles are resistant to androgens, they are permanent for the entire lifetime.