Many treatment methods are used for people with falling hair. The doctors who are trained in hair health take a few factors into consideration when determining the appropriate treatment method. These can be listed as follows:

 1. The amount of the fallen hair (the ratio of the hairless area to the entire haired skin)

2. The intensity and duration of the falling hair (the duration as a result of pulling test and during which active falling is observed)

3. The patient’s age, gender, family history, and previous illnesses

4. The results of the biochemical test related to hair fall

5. The rating score of the intact hair

6. The density of the region from where tissue is to be taken7. The treatment and methods applied to the patient up to this point and successes and failures of these.

The results to be obtained from these will be evaluated by Dr. Arpacı and treatment will be applied with one or more the following options. You can fill the contact form to make a free examination appointment.


1. Homecare courses

2. Medication therapies

3. Thermotherapy

4. Hair mesotherapy

5. PRP

6. Stem cell (Fibroblast-stem cell therapy)

7. Hair transplant