Hair Transplantation without Shortening the Hair

Your hair is thin, only the front line of your hair has fallen out, or you are not happy with your hair shape.  You think of hair transplant but you do not want to have your hair cut. You think of having a hair transplant but you do not want anyone to know. You have a very intense work pace, you do not want to fill your 1-week vacation a year with this operation. Do all these disappoint you? Do not despair. You may have a hair transplant in 4-5 hours without shaving your hair and in a way nobody can realize.


We can transplant hair via a special device of cutting-edge technology that was developed by Dr. Reşat ARPACI. For many years, we achieved natural results by collecting hair follicles (grafts) one by one and then transplanting these one by one. However, hair transplantation without shaving hair became one of the comforts of men and women who worked in an intense pace, celebrities, or people desiring to have a hair transplant.



How is hair transplant performed via Without Shave Technique?

In hair transplantation, first the donor area is determined and anesthetized with local anesthesia in 3-4 minutes. The grafts (follicles) are collected from this area in a hidden manner. The lacking, thin region of your hair is drawn by Dr. Arpacı. This region is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Grafts (follicles) are places in the opened micro-channels. The regions that have been transplanted are hidden with your unshaven hair via the help of a comb. Thus, nobody realizes that you have had hair transplantation. Hair transplantation without shaving the hair is an issue requiring great expertise and experience. Even if everybody tells that they implement that method, please see at least 5-10 previous cases of the institution you have selected. If possible, talk to such people. Otherwise, the result might be disappointing.