Is your hair ready for winter ?

Sun, sea, sand, pool ..
we know all of our enemies who wear our hair all summer; but we do not make much effort to alleviate the damage they give. When the season is changing and the leaves start to fall , we give you gold worthy tips for our hair to regain its former health!

Hair structure and characteristics can vary according to sex, race, age, hormones and various external factors. Research shows that the hair’s characteristics are influenced by many different factors, from genetic structure to nutritional structure, geography and living standards.

In order to restore your hair follicle structure, the methods you can apply are;

Massaging Your Hair With Mesotherapy !

Hair care with Mesotherapy is a medical treatment that aims to stop the hair loss and increase the hair quality by providing a thick, lush structure of the hair. Mesotherapy, Hyaluronic acid, X-ADN, Minoxidil, Retinoic acid, Growth factors, vitamins, oligoelementler is a mixture of many substances. The purpose of this treatment is to moisturize the scalp, to stop hair loss, and rebuild the hair, to recover the scalp from oxidation stress, to increase the nutrition of the hair follicle, to reduce excessive fat in the scalp.

Do you know what is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma ) !

Over everything, if you experience hair loss, the plasma hair injection is made with stem cell that is obtained from the patient’s own blood as it help to stops your hair loss and ensures that the hair is healthy.
During the PRP procedure, the patient’s own blood is taken and centrifuged.
Here, the part called Rich plasma , will feed the roots, which will provide  vitamins to all of the injected into and the targeted area.
This method is especially effective in genetic hair loss .