New Technology : Sapphire Fue Method Hair Transplantation !

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation

Being in constant change and development, medical science gives birth to more innovative techniques at any moment. Naturally, hair restoration procedures also receive their share of novelty, and they become more and more crucial for many people, since these restoration techniques create satisfactory results in terms of physical health as well as mental health, considering the fact that acquired sense of beauty attach great importance to the aesthetic appearance of one’s.

How Does the Sapphire Fue Method Work ?

In FUE method; The hair follicles are taken individually from the donor region where the hair is not shed with a specially designed micro-motor method FUE.

The opened canals of hair follicles are smaller than other hair transplantation method and because of that , hairs can be planted more closer to each other and appear more natural.

Operation is performed under local anesthesia or under sedation depending on the patient’s wishes.

After the anesthesia is performed, the hair follicles are separated one by one under microscope or loop with tools smaller than 1 mm.

After the root extraction process , the channel opening , which is one of the most important stages of operation will starts.

Opening of the channels where the roots will be placed as well as the removal of the roots is also very important.

It is important that the tissue is not damaged while the channel is opened, the circulation is not disturbed, and the proper channel is opened.

Why Choose Sapphire Fue ?

There are no stitches, scars or cuts.

It is a painless, painless and non-bleeding operation since it is performed by local anesthesia.


It is applied to both female and male patients.

The age range is 18-65.

The maximum graft is taken if the donor area is appropriate.

In this method, the hair is the closest to the natural and original hair.

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