Non-Surgıcal Facıal Reconstructıon

Throughout history, mankind has contemplated upon the concept of esthetics and tried to capture the ideal beauty concept. In ancient Greek, esthetics means emotion and sense. Therefore, the emotional state of people are positive when they feel beautiful.

People started not to take time for themselves with the developing technology, stressful life, and intense work pace. Esthetic procedures came for their aid to make them feel beautiful.

Now we have many medical and cosmetic procedures to make people happy. We select one or more of these procedures that is specific to a person.

The most applied ones are the Botox and Filling procedures that are called lunch-break treatments. Our patients can say goodbye to their creases with a few small needles in 15-20 minutes. After the Botox and filling procedures that have no side effects if they are carried out by trained medical doctors, the patients go on with their lives.

In recent years, thread applications that dissolve in the body have increased our success rates. We can solve skin sagging by making facial lifts with threads that are in shape of fish bones. We can eliminate the elasticity loss of the skin by wrapping the skin line a fishnet with finer threads. As these threads dissolve within 6-8 months, no undesired side effects occur. The positive effects last between 2 and 5 years.

In addition to these, we must count mesoterapy, mesolifting, and PRP procedures that we have not been able to give up for years.