New Generation Plasma Treatment in Hair Transplantation

The technological developments in the recent years also illuminate the medical world. The plasma part of our patients’ blood is rich in growth factors. We make the plasma richer with the help of some special activators.

As is known, 3000-3500 grafts take about 6 hours in hair transplantation with FUE method. The follicles thus collected have to be kept in special solutions. Enriched plasma taken from patient’s own blood is added to such nourishing solutions with a formula developed by Dr. Reşat Arpacı.

Dr. Arpacı gave information on the subject: “We used to administer PRP to our patients during operation. I worked on what I could do in addition. We used sterile salt water at first, then a kind of nourishing solution called Ringer as the solution in which we kept the tissues. When I realized that these were insufficient, I started formulation our special formulations. I cannot disclose the formula, but the most important additive is the plasma obtained from the patient’s own blood and which we enrich. Thus, the collected hair follicles can continue their vitality without undergoing shock on in the external environment. With this new method, we observed 10-15% better results in hair transplantations. Now our patients receive better results.